TickerBerry BlackBerry Pregnancy Reminder App

A Pregnancy Tracker for BlackBerry. Are you pregnant? TickerBerry helps you remember the things you need to do throughout your pregnancy to get ready for your baby.


  • Check the progress of your pregnancy at a glance
  • Calculate your expected due date
  • Integrates seamlessly with BlackBerry® Tasks
  • Comes preloaded with many common tasks to complete during pregnancy
  • Set reminders on your tasks

Baby Steps


TickerBerry lets you see where you are in your pregnancy at a glance. You can quickly check how much time is left in your pregnancy, how many weeks along you have progressed, and which trimester you’re in.

Project Baby


TickerBerry helps you track the tasks that you need to complete before your baby arrives. TickerBerry simplifies the creation of BlackBerry® Tasks, and lets you set alerts for a particular week or trimester of your pregnancy. To help you take charge of your pregnancy, TickerBerry comes preloaded with a set of tasks to get you started. If you’re overwhelmed by the preloaded tasks, you can remove them with a click.

Baby Day

TickerBerry can help you calculate your expected due date using the first day of your last cycle. If your due date changes, TickerBerry changes the dates for all of your reminders automatically.

Listed as the top “must have BlackBerry® pregnancy app” by CrackBerry.com

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