TickerBerry Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What devices will TickerBerry work on?
Answer: Any BlackBerry® device that runs BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.7 or higher will support TickerBerry. How to check your operating system from your BlackBerry® smartphone:
Click ‘Options’ from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Select ‘About’, then click. Your BlackBerry® smartphone operating system information will be displayed.

Question: Why should I use TickerBerry?
Answer: TickerBerry makes it easy to prepare for the day of your childs birth. A carefully researched selection of tasks/reminders help to ease the planning process during your pregnancy. Customize the list as your see fit and if your due date changes the task dates are automatically recalculated.

Question: How do I find the PIN for my BlackBerry® device?
Answer: From the main menu on your BlackBerry®, choose the Options application. This is often indicated by the wrench icon. Choose Status from the list of available options. Your device’s PIN will be listed there.

Question: How do I add a reminder?
Answer: From the main screen in TickerBerry select “Reminders” from the menu. Either click/tap anywhere in your Reminder list or from the menu, select “Add Reminder”.

Question: How do I delete, edit, or mark completed a reminder?
Answer: From the Reminder screen, click or tap on the reminder that you wish delete/edit/complete.

Question: When are the notifications/alerts set for each reminder if I turn them on?
Answer: Each reminder’s notification is automatically set to alert you a week before that task is due to be completed. As each task is also listed in your BlackBerry® task list, you can adjust the notification time from there if you need to.

Question: I don’t want any of the default reminders, how do remove them?
Answer: To clear all the default reminders, click the BlackBerry® menu button and select “Delete All Reminders”. Keep in mind that this will delete all of your reminders, so add your new reminders once you’ve deleted the defaults.

Question: I downloaded TickerBerry. I can’t find it. How do I run it?
Answer: TickerBerry will be in the default download folder for new applications on your BlackBerry® device. Normally, this is the downloads folder, which you can access from the main menu.
Please consult our Installation Guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

Question: I don’t understand how to use TickerBerry. How do I get help?
Answer: Feel free to send us an email, or send us a message through twitter or facebook. You can find details about these contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Question: Does TickerBerry use my phones data service?
Answer: TickerBerry does NOT use your phones data service.

Question: How do I reinstall TickerBaby from App World?
Answer: To reinstall TickerBaby to your phone from App World…
Login to App World (with the PayPal account).
Click on My World.
Scroll down to TickerBaby and click on it.
Click on the Reinstall button.
Install and setup TickerBaby.
When you first run the app, click to allow TickerBaby ‘trusted application status’.

Question: Where do I find my license key/activation code in App World?
Answer: To find your license key/activation code in App World…
Login to App World (with the PayPal account).
Click on My World.
Scroll down to TickerBaby and click on it.
The license key is listed next to the License label