BirthBerry Freqently Asked Questions

Question: What devices will BirthBerry work on?
Answer: Any BlackBerry® device that runs BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.7 or higher will support BirthBerry.

How to check your operating system from your BlackBerry® smartphone:
Click ‘Options’ from your BlackBerry® smartphone
Select ‘About’, then click. Your BlackBerry® smartphone operating system information will be displayed

Question: Why should I use BirthBerry? Can’t I just use a paper, pen, and stop watch?
Answer: They call it “labor” for a reason. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can read your handwriting, included the right numbers in the average, did the math correctly, and so on. You will have enough to do by focusing on breathing, relaxing and pushing your baby out. Let your BlackBerry® worry about the rest.

Question: Can I give BirthBerry as a gift?
Answer: To help us make sure that BirthBerry is going to the right BlackBerry® device, we need the PIN and an email associated with the device. Then we will be able to send an installation link and activation code, after payment has been confirmed.

Question: How do I find the PIN for my BlackBerry® device?
Answer: From the main menu on your BlackBerry®, choose the Options application. This is often indicated by the wrench icon. Choose Status from the list of available options. Your device’s PIN will be listed there.

Question: Can I use BirthBerry for my next child, the one after, and so on?
Answer: Yes! You can use BirthBerry for as many babies as you plan to have. We plan to release new versions of BirthBerry from time to time with more features and simpler interactions. If we release a new version within six months of your purchase, you can upgrade for free. After six months, upgrades will be offered for a nominal fee.

Question: Is BirthBerry reliable? Will I make it to the hospital in time if I use it?
Answer: BirthBerry is designed to make your life easier, but it is no replacement for your doctor or midwife. BirthBerry relies on the clock in your BlackBerry® for marking the time contractions start and stop. We’ve taken every reasonable step to make sure that the statistics BirthBerry generates are accurate, according to the clock. If you have any question about the progression of your labor, you should contact your birth attendant or 911 immediately.

Question: I don’t understand how to use BirthBerry. How do I get help?
Answer: Feel free to send us an email, or send us a message through twitter or facebook. You can find details about these contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Question: What happens if I have false labour?
Answer: From the context menu (accessed by the BlackBerry® button, to the left of your scroll wheel or pad), choose Clear History. You can start over when you’re ready.

Question: I downloaded BirthBerry. I can’t find it. How do I run it?
Answer: BirthBerry will be in the default download folder for new applications on your BlackBerry® device. Normally, this is the downloads folder, which you can access from the main menu.
Please consult our Installation Guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

Question: What does the contraction timer do?
Answer: The contraction timer records the stop and start time of each contraction. It then generates the following statistics:
Average Duration (of the last 10 contractions)
Average Interval (between the last 10 contractions)
Number of Contractions
Duration of Labor
Duration of last contraction
Interval leading to last contraction
Interval since last contraction
BirthBerry can display progressively more detailed statistics according to your interest. The simplest screen lists the two averages and the duration of labor. The most detailed view displays a chart of all contraction events.

Question: How do notifications work?
Answer: You can set an unlimited number of notification rules according to different labor events. A notification rule connects a labor event with a notification group. You can notify a group based on a specific number of contractions, when contractions come at particular interval, and so on.
There are four groups available for you to notify: Doctor, Birth Partner, Family, and Friends. Each group can have as few or as many members as you like.

Question: My notifications aren’t being sent. How do I fix this?
Answer: This problem may be caused by the BirthBerry app not having been granted the necessary permissions for messaging. BirthBerry requires “Trusted App Status” for the Notifications to work properly.To change the permissions for BirthBerry:
On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
Click Device and select Application Management.
To set permissions for BirthBerry, scroll to highlight the application. Press the Menu key and select Edit Permissions.
For the Connections, Interactions, and User Data settings choose Allow.
Press the Menu key and select Save to save the permission changes.

Question: How does the birth announcement work?
Answer: After the birth, you can record your new baby’s name, weight, length, and time of birth. BirthBerry will generate a message depending on which stats you capture, and send it to the notification groups that you select. You can also add a personalized greeting and attach a photo to your message.

Question: Does BirthBerry use my phones data service?
Answer: BirthBerry will only use your data service if you set up a contraction notification with email selected as the communication method. BirthBerry uses your default email account to send email notifications and will only do so with your expressed permission.