BurpBerry Freqently Asked Questions

Question: Which BlackBerry® devices will run BurpBerry?
Answer: Any device that runs BlackBerry® Device Software 4.3 or higher will support BurpBerry.
You can check the version of BlackBerry® Device Software on your smartphone:
Click ‘Options’ from your Home screen
Click ‘About’
Your BlackBerry® smartphone operating system information will be displayed

Question: Why should I use BurpBerry?
Answer: Being a new parent is hard. You’re deprived of sleep, your emotions are running wild, and sometimes people ask you deatiled questions about your child. BurpBerry makes it simple to answer the factual questions so that you can focus on bonding with your baby.

Question: Can I give BurpBerry as a gift?
Answer: Yes! To help us make sure that BurpBerry is going to the right BlackBerry® device, please provide the PIN and an email address associated with the device of the person who will receive BurpBerry. Once we’ve confirmed that a payment has been made, we send an download link, activation code, and installation instructions.

Question: How do I find the PIN for my BlackBerry® device?
Answer: From the main menu on your BlackBerry®, choose the Options application. This is often indicated by the wrench icon. Choose Status from the list of available options. Your device’s PIN will be listed there.

Question: Can I use BurpBerry for many children?
Answer: Yes! You can use BurpBerry for as many babies as you have, right now and in the future. We plan to release new versions of BurpBerry from time to time with more features. If we release a new version within six months of your purchase, you can upgrade for free. After six months, upgrades will be offered for a nominal fee.

Question: Is BurpBerry reliable?
Answer: BurpBerry is designed to make your life easier, but it is no replacement for your doctor or other health care provider. BurpBerry relies on the clock in your BlackBerry® for marking start and stop times. We’ve taken every reasonable measure to ensure that the statistics BurpBerry generates are accurate, according to the clock. If you have any question about the health of your child, you should contact your health care provider or 911 immediately.

Question: I don’t understand how to use BurpBerry. How do I get help?
Answer: Feel free to send us an email, or send us a message through twitter or facebook. You can find details about these contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Question: What happens if I make a mistake while entering information?
Answer: From the context menu (accessed by the BlackBerry® button, to the left of your scroll wheel or pad), choose See history. Select the chart view from tabs at the top. Scroll to the error. Click the scroll wheel. Click again to delete.

Question: I downloaded BurpBerry. I can’t find it. How do I run it?
Answer: BurpBerry will be in the default download folder for new applications on your BlackBerry® device. Normally, this is the downloads folder, which you can access from the main menu.
Please consult our Installation Guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

Question: What does the Record Sleep screen do?
Answer: You can time your child’s sleep by clicking the Start button. This will begin the sleep timer that records your child’s sleep in minutes. Click stop to stop the timer.
You can also record your child’s sleep manually. If you know when he or she went to sleep and woke up, you can enter these values below the Start button, then click save.

Question: What does the Record Diaper screen do?
Answer: You can track what was in each diaper that you change. The time recorded for the diaper will be the current time, by default. You can change the time easily on the screen before you click save, if necessary.

Question: What does the Record Milk screen do?
Answer: You can keep track of your baby’s intake using the record milk screen. Choose whether your baby was breast fed, or bottle fed. The breast feeding option allows you to time how long your baby nursed on a particular breast. The breast most recently fed from will be marked with a safety pin on the screen, and the length of baby’s last feeding will be noted below the timer buttons.
If you would like to record a feeding manually, you can do so below the timer buttons. You can enter the start and stop time for the feeding, and the breast offered.
If bottle fed, you can choose whether your baby was fed breast milk or formula. You can record the amount of milk the baby drank and the time they drank it.

Question: What does the Record Temperature screen do?
Answer: You can record your child’s temperature readings by entering the thermometer readings on this screen. You can choose to record the temperature reading in degrees farenheit or celsius. BurpBerry tries to help you ensure that you are entering a valid temperature for the scale you have chosen. If you receive an error that says your temperature is not valid, check that the unit of measurement matches your thermometer.
As with all things in BurpBerry, the time for the entry will be current time by default, but you can change this easily before you click save.

Question: What does the Record Medication screen do?
Answer: If you are giving your child medication, you can track the doses you give them here. You can select the amount of medicine administered to the child (in milliliters, ounces, or doses), and the medication given. If the medication you gave them does not appear in the list, you can add it by selecting the ‘Add medication’ option. After you enter your medication, you will be returned to the entry screen with the data you entered still there.
As with all things in BurpBerry, the time for the entry will be current time by default, but you can change this easily before you click save.

Question: Tell me again why I recorded all this information?
Answer: You can see the fruits of your labour by clicking the Menu key (usually to the left of your scroll button or trackpad), then click See history. A summary of the data you have entered for the past 12 hours will be displayed. These are key metrics to your baby’s health that a health care provider or other care giver will need to know when monitoring your baby. This information is hard to remember, but it helps everyone make informed decisions about your baby’s care.
Maximum Temperature
Time Slept
Wet Diapers
Nursed: both breast and bottle if applicable
More detailed information about your baby’s activity is available under the Chart tab in this view.

Question: When I start a timer, do I have to stay on that screen until the baby stops doing that thing?
Answer: No. BurpBerry will keep timing your child’s activity while you do other things. Feel free to start a timer for another child, check your email, schedule an appointment, or do whatever you need to do with your BlackBerry®.

Question: Does BurpBerry use my device’s data service?
Answer: BurpBerry does not connect to any network, so it will not use your data service.

Question: Does BurpBerry have shortcut keys?
Answer: Yes. From either the Chart or Statistics screens press any of the keys referenced below to jump quickly to that screen.
“S” – Sleep screen
“D” – Diaper screen
“N” – Nursing/Milk screen
“T” – Temperature screen
“M” – Medications screen